The Favor of Sumatera Coffee

Indonesia has many islands, each of which has certain plants that characterize or uniqueness of the island. One of the major island clusters is Sumatra. Who does not know the island of Sumatra? Since elementary school we are always taught about the islands in Indonesia.

Do you know if this island of Sumatra has a coffee plant that is very rarely encountered? Yups, for coffee lovers, would have been very familiar with the famous Sumatran coffee tasty and has a distinctive taste different from other coffees. Maybe that causes the taste is different is the type of coffee, the way of processing and the way of presentation. Curious what kind of coffee Sumatra? Let's see the discussion below.

Sumatran Coffee
Did you know that Sumatran coffee is one of the most famous types of coffee in the world? Coffee originating from several areas of Sumatra has 3 types of processed coffee, such as coffee Sidikalang, Lintong and Mandheling. Like what ya taste 3 kinds of this coffee?

According to the coffee connoisseurs, for this typical coffee of Sumatra does have a fairly heavy taste, unique taste, coffee character that is different from the usual make the aroma and taste was much different from the usual coffee.

Sumatran coffee is famous for its fine coffee texture, with a sharp aroma. Sumatran coffee is processed in 2 ways namely semi-washed and also dry-processed.

There are other things that make Sumatra coffee is quite tasty and can be enjoyed by many people, namely coffee growers who are certain diketinggian and contours of land with different slopes make coffee from Sumatra is really delicious.

So for you who claim to lovers of coffee archipelago, incomplete if you do not enjoy the warm steep coffee typical of Sumatra, you can choose one of the 3 types of coffee is famous.

For those who are still in Sumatra or planning a vacation there, do not miss the moment to enjoy the warm coffee of Sumatra that will make the atmosphere of the afternoon or night so the more memorable.


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